Chak Au


Professionally trained as a family therapist and taught in universities; Chak immigrated from Hong Kong in 1988 and worked in Richmond Health Department for over 22 years. He was elected as Richmond School Trustee between 1999-2011 and City Councillor since 2011 to date. Chak strongly advocate for open and transparent government, civic engagement, public consultation, balanced development and racial/cultural harmony. ‘Policy above politics’ is his motto.

Sheldon Starrett


Sheldon Starrett lives and works in Richmond, and believes strongly in serving the community and public interest. He has served as a Rotarian, and also volunteered with non-profits and societies that promote good government. Sheldon is running with RCCA because he feels that consultation and engagement between city council and the public is lacking.

Rahim Othman


Rahim is a resident of Richmond for about 20 years. Shortly after becoming a Richmondite, Rahim was the Co-Convenor for the Richmond Civic Engagement Network. During that time, with support from the City, RCEN conducted the first Doors Open pilot program, which is adopted by the City as an annual event. Rahim had a number of volunteering positions with a different organizations in the City including Parent Advisory Council and Cinevolution Media Arts Society.